Inspirational stories for single moms

What is free time? Virginia Cassidy Clinton — Losing her husbands to automobile crashes and diabetes, Virginia stayed strong and took care of her family — including former President Bill Clinton — as best she could.

Harriet Strong — invented a water conservation device and irrigation system during the first World War after her husband left her and their 4 daughters for the California Gold Rush.

Being a Single Mother

Good mothers know that their relationship with each of their children is like a movable feast, constantly changing and evolving.

This has really given me a lot of hope. Maria Montessori — no doubt you have heard of Montessouri schools, but did you know the person who developed that particular method of education was a single mother too?

While Hayes indulges her, a unique bond develops between them. His year-old daughter is devastated when the couple breaks the news to her.

Taking care of my son and staying up all night working on school projects was not easy. Just as an earthly husband helps raise children, so does the heavenly Husband help raise the children.

It was many times not fun to live with so many other people and have so little space and private life, but I had to do what I had to do. She manages to start her life all over again successfully. You can put in all your brain and effort to do it in the best possible way for your child.

Sarah McLachlan — Other than being a Grammy winner, Sarah is also a single mom who cares for two daughters all on her own every day. She was allowed to bring Jessica to work with her.

Though, she fears for if she would bee able to take up the challenge that God has given her or not. Madonna — Say what you will about her, Madonna has proven repeatedly to be a remarkably inspiring single Mom, raising her kids with both a lot of discipline and encouragement.

Having a baby and moving from country to country because of the international fashion design program I was doing, really was difficult. Christina Millian — Despite suffering public embarrassment when it came out that her baby-daddy was a cheater. Halle Berry — After splitting with her long time baby daddy Gabriel Aubrey, Berry has taken time off of movie making to make sure that the custody of daughter Nahla was worked out.

Her rags-to-riches story is famous. Sandra Bullock — Her husband left her and what did this actress do? Sarah Bernhardt — Known as the first lady of theater, Bernhardt gave birth to her son Maurice at the age of 18 and went on to appear on stages around the world, even after her leg was completely amputated.

As for Rowling, she was one hell of an investment, and the British government has gotten back a million-fold what they paid her.

10 Inspirational Books for Solo Mothers

More from The Stir: Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the greatest relationship.

Bridget is a classy and hard working single mom we are glad to include on the list. The soundtrack is fantastic. There is much running around, preparing food, praying and teaching them.

What do they do? A single mom raising children can find herself in a vulnerable place. Gardener strives to raise his son and earn enough money to put food in his tummy. Edna thanked her mother in the poem, The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver.

Even though I was working really hard, the money I earned and got from renting out rooms were never enough.

Inspirational Single Mom

Stayed strong and finished up the adoption process for her new baby on her own. Christine Coppa — Christine is both a single mom and professional writer slash blogger.

Her work and success story has inspired other moms and bloggers all over the world. Teri Hatcher — Teri has been caring for her daughter ever since she divorced her husband in Advertisement Rowling and her first husband, television journalist George Arantes, divorced a mere 13 months after their marriage.

Top 100 Most Inspiring Single Moms

OUr attitude towards what has happened to us in life is the important thing to recognize.As a single mom, there are times we just feel we are all alone. Self-pity, depression, stress - all these we encounter at some point in time. Personally, whenever I face such struggles, I read a lot of inspirational stories or quotes that help uplift my spirit.

B eing a single mom is one of the toughest jobs for a woman no matter the continent nor culture. Some women are single moms by widowhood or by choice in adopting orphans or foster children. Some women found themselves abandoned by the fathers and forced to figure it all out on their own.

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asking for child support is not being vengeful it's forcing father to take responsibility A father who never raised his child is an irresponsible man.

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Pass them along to all the other moms in your life. Julia Roberts plays a struggling single mom for which she won an Oscar.

J.K. Rowling's Brutal Honesty About Being a Single Mom on Welfare Is Inspiring

The movie is based on a true story in which the single mother has to pull herself by bootstraps to change the entire course of her family’s life.

Definitely, Maybe. Will Hayes played by Ryan Renolds is going through a bitter divorce. In fact, Rowling says that she is "prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of [her] life." And, to that end, J.K.

Rowling is going to keep sticking up for single moms.

Inspirational stories for single moms
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